Monday 16 March 2015

Arbonne Biz~Blog in full affect

This is a screen shot with a welcome to you i typed in of my ONLINE SHOP with Arbonne~!
To visit the online shop click on the pic to take you there ^_^

 Professional Artisan and Creator~Designer AySes Dunya has melded old, rustic, refurbished, reworked, and recycled aspects of living in the modern world into creations that are practical, & have functionality for a decade in the home decor and fashion industry, that is until 6 years ago when the ECOSTORM blew through Ontario and forced her (along with many many entrepeneurs) to rethink her whole system of things.
                              It was a stressful time which made her look towards alternative, integrative, and more wholesome services to not only care for her body, but also to find and use nourishing products on her sensitive skin. Among her many health problems at the time her face was really, really needing rescue. This led her into taking courses and going to school for Holistic Aesthetics, Skin Care. She fell in love with becoming a healer and is presently in school gaining a degree in Acupuncture, & a Doctrine in Metaphysical Sciences…for her it became clear that the only healthy way to live life is the wholism approach to wellness.  
                      When she discovered Arbonne it was heaven sent as she was in desperate need of a make-up line to cover her facial Rosacea and she found it through Nikki Price ~who just glowed after a long day at a wellness show, her make up and skin was flawless, and Nikki's energy and passion for the product line of Arbonne literally sold Ay Ses on what make up line she would be getting for her upcoming Wedding.   In fact she was so interested in the line that at her wedding shower with Nikki’s help she became a consultant…The WEDDING MAKE UP was Flawless to say the least and the rest is as this say HERSTORY ^_^ Presently Ay Ses is managing her time between 2 schools & 2 clinics, and has been, admittedly relaxed in her approach to her sales tactics, however with this new system she has been anticipating it for it is sure to make the whole Arbonne line that much more accessible to her clients and THAT is great news….for Ay Ses really believes in this line and feels it sells itself. She sees it being in her life as a LONG TERM commitment. ( she luv luv luvs it all so it is really easy to share it with others) 
What is Arbonne all about anyway?
There is a big BUZZ going on for the last few years on this unique company and its approach to products that we take internally and externally. This is my Blog to share some unique information so you can learn as much as possible and my Google + page will be daily inspirations to get your motivation towards your own wellness for this is very important to me; to help others achieve the quality of life we all deserve. So let's begin with a Arbonne Presentation;
(click on a pic to enlarge)

Please NOTE; I myself am not super active in this Arbonne process if you will,
due to being in the process of completing 2 degrees in the Wellness Industry.
When i found Arbonne i was just beginning school and getting married, 
however i was able to sign on as a consultant and play it on the down low 
while i work on my schooling.

What i am trying to say by sharing this part of my story is that you do not have to start FULL can, but it is not a requirement.

If you just want to be a preferred client for the discount great, if you do become a consultant, great, but even if you become a consultant this company does not force you to do anything you
do not have time or interest to do.
= BUILD YOUR BIZ the ways it makes SENSE TO YOU!

if you wanna chat me up about this Arbonne Biz, or you have questions, comments, or concerns gimme a call on my cell,
or text, whatever works for you ^_^
otherwise here is a direct link to reading more about how i came
to be an Independent Arbonne Consultant;

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